Within a fairly short span of time

My husband is “boring” in comparison to the guys I used to date. He not the type who cycles across Canada or travels Africa in an old Land Cruiser. I always refused to eat Indian food, other than a few bites of tandoori chicken and naan. Maybe 80% of the time Continue Reading in the same situation you lose a hand by calling and only 20% of the time you win under the same circumstances, so over the long term, you win more by not making bad calls even if you would won this time. Good players will try to punish other players who are drawing to a flush or a straight with their three of a kind by betting heavily, more than you expect to make on average by calling a low percentage draw. They also need to be fine with knowing that it right to bet, even if a small percentage of the time, someone will get exactly what they need and win..

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It certainly isn’t that Obama NEEDS money!! (and doncha just

Seventeen members voted with the Republicans to hold Holder in criminal contempt while just under two dozen voted to hold him in civil contempt. But most, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, walked off the floor to protest the vote, which they called “appalling. ” n nAttorney General Eric Holder reacted after the first vote, criticizing House Republicans for “making reckless charges ” and “advancing truly absurd conspiracy theories.

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Middle East are having their own issues

i finally told her after many years

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